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Take your roulette game to the next level with the Tier et Tout betting strategy!

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A popular roulette betting method known as Tier et Tout is a deceptive betting method that aims to gradually boost your betting bankroll while building up a secure bankroll amount that will enable you to safeguard your funds and play for money you earned from the gambling house. Do you find it intriguing? View our article today to learn more.

The Tier et Tout roulette betting strategy is a negative progression betting system that approaches to manage the bankroll amount in short betting sessions, such as one or two spins. The main concept of this betting technique is to take a particular sum, and use 1/3 of it for the first wager. If your wager is unsuccessful, then the player needs to wager the remaining funds, or 2/3 of the total bankroll. If the second wager is winning, then player gets profit and can repeat the betting session again.

You receive a fresh total after each win, which you divide into three equal pieces and wager 1/3 of it in the following round. The goal of employing this approach is to make enough money so that you can start betting with house money rather than your own. This safeguards your resources and provides you with ample room to enjoy playing roulette without fear of incurring losses. If you lose all your bankroll, you may start again with your initial betting unit.

How to use the Tier et Tout betting strategy in a roulette game?

An explanation of the Tier et Tout roulette betting system is provided below:

  1. Select your first betting unit to get started. Any amount that can be divided into three parts should be used for this. Let’s select 9 betting units as an initial bankroll.

  2. plit your initial bankroll into two parts: 1/3 as the first wager and 2/3 as the second. If you have 9 betting units, then your first wager will be 3 units, and the second wager, in case of loss, will be 6 units.

  3. Place your first wager equal to 3 units on any even money bet, such as black or red, event or odds, high or low.

  4. If your bet wins, you increase your bankroll by the amount of your profit and split it again into 1/3 and 2/3 parts. If your 3-unit bet wins, then you increase your bankroll by 3-units and wager 1/3 of the new bankroll again. In our sample, the new bankroll will be 3 units + 3 units + 6 units, equal to 12 units in total. If the new bankroll cannot be divided by 3, then secure some small part of your bankroll to get the amount that is divided by 3.

  5. If you lose both your stakes, then you start your betting session again with your initial betting unit or stop the game.

Let’s see the sample of how stakes are placed using the Tier et Tout betting strategy.

Round #/Action Total bankroll
/ secured profit
Stakes 1/3 |
Round #1
Your initial bankroll is 9€, take 1/3 of that amount.
9€ 3€ | 6€
Lost 3€
Round #2
As the first stake is lost, then place the second stake
equal to 2/3 of your initial bankroll.
6€ Lost | 6€ Won 6€
Round #3
If any of the stakes – first or second – won, then your
bankroll will be 12€. You need split the new bankroll
into 1/3 and 2/3 parts again.
12€ 4€ | 8€
Won 4€
Round #4
The new bankroll is 16€, calculated as 12€ + 4€. This
sum cannot be divided by 3. So, you need decrease it
to the closest value, that can be divided by 3, that is
15€ and secure the unused part of your bankroll.
(1€ secured)
5€ | 10€
Lost 5€
Round #5
As the first stake is lost, then place the second stake
equal to 2/3 of your initial bankroll.
(1€ secured)
lost | 10€ Won 10€
Round #6
You again got the bankroll of 20€ that cannot be
divided by 3. You need decrease it to 18€ and secure
(3€ secured)
6€ | 12€
Won 6€
Round #7
If you won, then your win amount 6€ is summed up
with your bankroll 18€ that gives you 24€ in total.
(3€ secured)
8€ | 16€
Lost 8€
Round #8
As the first stake is lost, then place the second stake
equal to 2/3 of your initial bankroll.
(3€ secured)
lost | 16€ Lost 16€
Round #9
Once you have lost both of your stakes, you can start
your betting session again by using your secured
bankroll amount or increase this amount by new
bankroll fundings.
3€ secured) -- | -- --

As you can see, the Tier et Tout betting strategy allows to increase your possible profits in very fast way just in several game rounds. However, this strategy has number of disadvantages and the main of them is that you can loss the whole of your bankroll amount once you just get 2 losing rounds in a sequence.

One more weakness of this betting system is that secured profit grows in very slow manner. The table below shows the secured bankroll growth through the session of 9 winning rounds in sequence. As you can see, you need to win in at least 9 rounds from 18 sequential rounds (considering that at least each 2nd round should be won), in order to grow your secured profit at least as high as your initial bankroll. In a real game, you may get 2 losing rounds in sequence must faster than during the 18 rounds.

2-rounds session # Bankroll Stakes
1/3 | 2/3
Win / Secured
1 9€ 3€ | 6€ 3€
2 12€ 4€ | 8€ 4€
3 15€ te5€ | 10€ 5€ | secured 1€ (1€ total)
4 18€ 6€ | 12€ 6€ | secured 2€ (3€ total)
5 24€ 8€ | 16€ 8€ | secured 0€ (3€ total)
6 30€ 10€ | 20€ 10€ | secured 2€ (5€ total)
7 39€ 13€ | 26€ 13€ | secured 1€ (6€ total)
8 51€ 17€ | 34€ 17€ | secured 1€ (7€ total)
9 66€ 22€ | 44€ 22€ | secured 2€ (9€ total)

What are the pros and cons of the Tier et Tout strategy?

Let’s summarize the pros and cons of the Tier et Tout betting strategy that you should consider before using it in a roulette game.

  • Pros:

    • Possibility for huge gains: if a player can go on a winning streak and gradually increase their bets, the Tier et Tout method can result in sizable winnings.

    • Bankroll management: this strategy divides your bankroll into parts that help you control your profits and losses.

    • Play with "house" money: The accumulated secured amount allows you to start playing with money you’ve received from gambling house and secure your own funds.

  • Cons:

    • Not easy to use: You may need to take some notes and do some calculations during the game in order to manage your total bankroll amount, calculate 1/3 and 2/3 stake parts, and track your secured amount. So, the Tier et Tout betting strategy may be hard to learn for inexperienced roulette players or those who prefer less ordered gambling strategies.

    • High danger of losing the whole bankroll: As the main approach of the Tier et Tout strategy is to stake the whole bankroll amount, including profits, there is a high risk of losing the whole bankroll before the secured profit is accumulated enough to cover the losses of the initial bankroll amount.

  • Overall, the Tier et Tout betting approach in roulette games has the potential to be profitable, but it entails risk and calls for persistence. Never wager more than you can afford to lose when playing the game of chance.

Can the Tier et Tout roulette betting strategy be profitable?

Despite the high risk of losing the whole bankroll, the Tier et Tout betting strategy may be profitable if you make several adaptations.

  • First, start with a small bankroll amount that you feel safe losing.

  • Once you increase your bankroll, secure a bigger part of it until you cover your initial bankroll amount. So, in case of a loss, you can easily start your betting session again.

  • Set the maximum limit of bankroll growth, after which you stop your betting session and start playing again with your initial bankroll amount. This will secure your wins and allow you to avoid losses in the case of a loss in the second stage, when your total bankroll gets high.

Who is considered the inventor of the Tier et Tout roulette betting strategy?

According to urban mythology, Thomas Garcia, a well-known Spanish gambler from the 19th century, is from whom the Tier at Tout betting method originated. He played cards expertly and was a professional gambler. His obsession with roulette led him to experiment with various betting strategies in an effort to outsmart the house. At first, he had great success with the one we now know as Tier et Tout. At two different gambling venues, he used this tactic to win a lot of money. But after that, his fortune changed. A year later, when he tried to employ similar tactic, he lost every penny. Whether this is accurate or just an urban legend, he is acknowledged with creating the Tier at Tout betting method, and many players have put their money at risk by utilizing it.

As with other strategies, it's important to note that none of the betting strategies guarantee a win and the house always has an edge over player. It's also worth mentioning that some of these strategies may not be available at all gambling sites.

We encourage you to visit our website and register if you're interested in playing a roulette games and testing out the Tier at Tout betting strategy. We provide a huge selection of roulette games and betting possibilities, as well as tools and advice, to help you get better at the game. Always play responsibly and limit your wagers to what you can afford to lose.

Good luck and have fun playing roulette!

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